Photography of Montse


Montse and her husband Joan are victims of real estate harassment. They have lived all their lives in a flat in the city’s Gothic Quarter in a rent-controlled apartment with an open-ended lease. Real estate harassment and extortion are very common practices in Barcelona, especially in the old city centre, where building owners make things as difficult as they can for their rent-controlled tenants to push them to move out of their flats, allowing the landlords to rent out the apartments to tourists at very high prices. Montse and Joan’s is a textbook case, according to their lawyer. The landlords have failed to provide basic services for their tenants, and when something breaks they refuse to fix it or even to allow Montse and Joan to do it themselves. This means they have to live among water damage and leaks, and for the past two years they have also lived alongside construction work in the rest of the building, as their neighbours have moved out and the owners have started restoration work. Montse is the anchor of the family and the leader of the fight against the landlords. She knows she has to stay strong, but sometimes her health falters.

The documentary shows the evolution of Montse and Joan’s case from the time they filed their lawsuit for real estate harassment through the end. The case will be decided in court (January 2018), and we will see then if they are able to keep their house.